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Currency Trading

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AlgoWealth is a financially engineered portfolio of algorithms, combined with human expertise, that is able to turn the Currency Exchange Market into a source of passive income for its clients.

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How it works

AlgoWealth builds powerful trading algorithms to profit from opportunities in financial markets. Our portfolio managers assess the viability of each trade using strict risk management rules. Over time, our proven edge generates returns, which are shared between our company and our investors.

Smart Trading

Our system leverages the best of both humans and computers. We combine the relentless nature of algorithmic systems with the deep intuition of a professional trader. By trading only the best setups as they present themselves, we adapt to ever-changing market conditions systematically to maximize return on investment.

Wealth Generation

Our trades generate steady compounding gains with the ability to be withdrawn at any time, translating into a high-yielding liquid investment, with a personalized risk profile.

Our Results

Since the inception of our track record in 2019, we have been able to achieve consistent double-digit month over month returns. These returns have been verified by a third-party accounting firm. For more information about our track record, please reach out to:


AlgoWealth combines the expertise of currency trading with the power of modern software tools and systems engineering. Our small team is expanding as we enter into new markets, and continue to serve our growing client base.


Ivo Marrero

CEO & Co-Founder


Jeremy Meyer

CTO & Co-Founder


Dylan Stants

Sales and Marketing


Ben Bartlett

General Counsel


Žiga Štiftar

Head Trader


Siddharth Notani

Software Developer


We are currently seeking strategic partners who would like to experience the power of a fully-liquid algorithmic trading solution for currency exchange.

To get in touch, please reach out to us at: